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Privacy Policy

In fulfilment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, of Protection of Personal Information, we inform you that all the personal information will be saved and included in an automated file, created and supported under the responsibility of BoD Estrategia SL

The purpose of the above mentioned file is to facilitate the processing of the orders and, in case you have authorized us expressly indicated in the corresponding checkbox, also you will receive all the commercial communications on products and services that can be of your interest from BoD Estrategia SL or any other company inside BoD Estrategia SL group of companies
The users of BoD Estrategia SL will be able to exercise at any time the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, communicating it by e-mail to or in writing to BoD Estrategia SL, with legal headquarters address in Barrio la Mar, 10 - nº9, 39120 Mortera - Cantabria (Spain).

BoD Strategy SL can use "cookies" with the only purpose of offering a more personalised service, making easier the navigation through our pages and fitted to the preferences of our users.
A "cookie" is a small file of text that a server of web pages stores in the users hard disk unit. The "cookies" cannot by istselfs identify a person since they do not refer to any personal information and cannot be executed as code or contain virus.
The cookies will help us to save, for example, the configuration of the user (original users language and country) in order that they does not have to introduce these details again on each visit.
Also it allow us, that as soon as the user has been identified with his user and password for the first time, he should not have to return to introduce this information in every visit to accede to private sections.
1. Internet Explorer 6.0
    1. Selects Tools.
    2. Internet options.
    3. Do click in Privacy.
    4. The predetermined value is Average, that will allow you to agree cookies. To change this value, displeases the bar to the configuration that you wish. If you have the configuration defined as Personalised, click on the button Advanced and selects Accept Cookies
2. Internet Explorer 5.0
    1. Selects Tools.
    2. Internet option.
    3. Do click in Security.
    4. Selects Internet, and finally, personalised Level.
    5. In Cookies selects Activate.
3. Internet Explorer 4.0
    1. Selects To see
    2. Internet option
    3. Selects Advanced
    4. Place in the yellow icon of exclamation that one finds in Security and selects Allow cookies.
4. Netscape Communicator 6.0
    1. Do click in Editing.
    2. Preferences.
    3. Privacy and Security.
    4. In Cookies selects Activate.
5. Netscape Communicator 4.0
    1. Do click in Editing.
    2. Preferences.
    3. Advanced.
    4. In Cookies determines the degree that you wish.
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