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Author: Michael Fullan
Publisher: Octaedro

Lenguage: Español

To lead in a change culture offers to the directors of companies, nonlucrative and the public sector new perspective and very opportune organizations on the dynamics of the change. Michael Fullan, author of international and expert prestige in processes of organizational change, presents/displays an approach different and imaginative to sail by the mysteries of the transformation processes and shows how the leaders of all type of organization can obtain their objectives and become exception professionals. The author is inspired by the ideas and more recent theories on effective leadership, contribute examples of cases of transformation on great scale and identify a convergence in which those interrelate that he denominates the five central competitions: to define an ethical aim, not to lose of Vista the change processes, to cultivate relations, to share the knowledge and to define a point of view and a context that equip any organization with coherence.