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Author: Francisco Javier González Fernández
Publisher: Fundación Confemetal

Lenguage: Español

In the last years, basically from the putting in scene of or the famous Balanced Scorecard (BSC), we come attending the generalized tendency to base the management of our companies and departments on indicators or ratios. Really this is not new, because already some decades ago the system logically praised - as the only form to measure with rigor results and of evaluating advances and attainment of objectives. The main present difference is the integration of these indicators by means of financial approaches, resources, clients and processes. Unfortunately speech of very slight and superficial form on this necessity, in which on the other hand practically all the people in charge we agreed. I dare to say superficially, because of which is not spoken it is of how evaluating our situation, of how detecting our weak points, of how to define and to raise projects of improvement and how to select these indicators so that they are really effective tools, nonburocratizadoras (or less possible), and near our equipment and worker so that they understand them and comake responsible with the goals that we mark ourselves. In this book it has been tried, of possible the most pleasant and near form, to help him in this difficult task that always is going to need an important work on the other hand, complementary (or independently) of the external consultancy that can select for it. The message is very clear and forceful. You with his equipment surely it can make it single, but on the contrary it must be implied firmly with the company that it selects for the process. That yes, with clear knowledge of the enterprise objectives and the imbricación of the improvement process that is approached.