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Author: Luis Sarries Sanz y Esther Casares García
Publisher: Esic Editorial

Lenguage: Español

The book "Good practices in human resources" provides a framework for reflection so that managers can create their own model of strategic management of the human factor. The reader will find references to more than 250 companies, both domestic and international, who have broken new ground in this field. However, it is not merely a code of "best practice", and ordered clustered around certain themes more topical. The aim of the book is to introduce a theoretical exercise so that the reader understands what is the key to the success or failure of a strategy determined. From this perspective, the book begins by analyzing in the critical new model of business organization from corporate social responsibility. Each chapter hosts examples of "good practices" that can help managers to see in which direction they move innovations and how they could transfer some experience to their own business culture.