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Author: Béatrice d´Orleáns y Francisco Javier López Navarrete
Publisher: Especial Directivos

Lenguage: Español

In a world dominated by the current media, the image has gained ground to the word. Therefore, enterprises must develop all sorts of strategies to gain notoriety and convey their brand image. Until recently, it was only necessary to achieve invest in advertising. But increased competition, advertising in the mass media, the lack of budget or the decreasing effectiveness of campaigns forces companies to develop other strategies to reach the public. And furthermore, they must do so in a manner closer to incorporate a new element, the integration of a sense of belonging and understanding between the consumer and the organization. In this regard, Public Relations and Protocol have been configured as a cost-effective and efficient tool in securing these objectives. The book of edirectivos collection, contains norms and standards to guide companies and managers both in the daily life of their relations, and special events. Through its pages, the aristocrat and director of Communications at Dior Parfums in Spain, Béatrice d'Orleans, and an expert in PR, Francisco Javier Lopez, contained a summary of his professional experience and provide multiple boards that allow function with ease and security official acts and treatment daily businesses. Moreover, as one of its core values, the book provides pointers to improve the image of the organization for the customer, as well as to manage the communication of the same crisis. Easy reading this text seeks to become a supporting material easy, being very specific and direct advice, and offering a vision of the protocol relaxed at the same time rigorously.