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Author: José Luis Munuera Alemán y Ana Isabel Rodríguez Escudero
Publisher: Esic Editorial

Lenguage: Español

An extensive compendium of the main theoretical concepts relative to the analysis of the market, the strategies of marketing, their planning and execution; complemented with nine practical cases of companies that operate in the Spanish market. The newness of this work is based in which the student can state that the theoretical concepts that appear explained, know a clearly reflected real exponent in the cases that are included. Cases on the situation, the market and the strategies of nine companies that operate at the moment in the Spanish market. Companies that have been selected betting to contemplate to situations of use and consumption of any citizen in their ordinary life: - Competitive Strategies of TELECINCO, - The solid leadership of DANONE in the market of the milky derivatives, - CAMPOFRÍO: national consolidation and international reconversion, - NH Hotels, one bets by the growth, - How new iPod helped when resurging of APPLE