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BoD Estrategia

Cantabria, 30 of June of 2011

BoD teaches the Business Management and Marketing Techniques course

Techniques to achieve an efficient sale

Like every year, the UC held summer courses in Laredo, a formative experience that aims to provide students with the knowledge, tools and strategies for new businesses

The event was held in Laredo last June 29, 2011.

As part of this meeting in which entrepreneurs and university students who are considering the possibility of creating a company, state the BoD Strategy Marketing Strategy for startups and Technical Sales for the first steps in business management.

The BoD Estrategia company presented the basics concepts of the new Marketing for SME in showing how every company should combine strategic marketing and operational marketing.

Strategic marketing is the analysis of all marketing activity that determines the strategies that must be defined in each company. The biggest handicap of small businesses has always been the marketing budget that can be assigned, however the course will appear as the good marketing is not with money but with head.

In the area of ​​Business Management, BoD developed communication skills that a business must implement to achieve an efficient sale and sales techniques to break the barriers of going out, the main symptom detected among entrepreneurs.

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BoD Estrategia S.L is a strategic business consultancy firm which objective is to transform our customers in references in their markets through the management of their competitive advantages. BoD works in all business areas, providing and implementing realistic solutions that have a positive and measurable impact on customer’s business revenues.
The differentiation is based on the solutions adequacy in any particular area but bearing in mind the global business, analysing all the impact in all the business areas of the companies: BoD treats parts but considering the Whole Business.
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