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A 23% of companies do not require English

Only 2 out of 10 candidates accessing to responsibility positions speak at the advanced level


In globalization age where the languages are becoming increasingly important, a study of Michael Page International, conducted among more than 550 companies in Spain, shows that there are still 23% of companies that do not requested as a requirement to their candidates fluent use of English to fill positions of high responsibility.

The study also includes data on the knowledge of English of 100,000 candidates have been presented in 2007 to selection processes Michael Page. Despite the fact that 81% of the applicants state that they speak English, only 24% and has mastered skills at an advanced level or Proficiency, and up to 19% directly acknowledges that does not speak the language at all.

The global communication is possible in our time thanks to English. Today more than ever it is imperative to learn: it is, for example, the language of business and scientific and technical. However, in Spain there are still 23% of companies that do not require as a condition to be part of its leadership or positions of responsibility. Most of these companies that do not give importance to English nationals are: Michael Page survey reveals that just over half of Spanish companies, 56%, requires English as a requirement to recruit a candidate profile half - high, while 85% of foreign firms established in Spain it considers a prerequisite.

Ricardo Corominas, Executive Director of Michael Page International in Spain, said: "Although Spain both the level of English required by companies such as the candidates was generally low, it is a changing trend. There is a growing Spanish companies have begun its expansion into Europe, Asia, the United States or the rest of the world and multinationals tend to install part of its services in Spain and both are seeking more profiles. Therefore, from Michael Page candidates are trying to emphasize that if not mastered the language, reinforce or cool with courses and leisure activities because it is especially essential if they want to get a position of responsibility or a post with projection in the company . "

Regarding the learning of other languages, the study of Michael Page reveals that only 21% of the candidates who spoke English also stands in a second foreign language and only 7% do so fluently. The French is the language most valued by the candidates, who studied as a second foreign language in 29% of cases. However, companies require only the French in 7% of deals, and much more valued the German, seeking a high level up to 10% of occasions, and who spoke only 9% of the candidates as a second language foreign.

Despite its proximity to the Spanish, Italian is the language less valued in our country, only 1% of companies requested in their selection processes and slightly less than 7% of candidates was studied as a second foreign language.

In regard to mother tongues in Spain is the highest number of bilingual candidates in German, French and Italian - with a 9% the first two and one-third of the 8% that of English, the mother tongue together the Spanish only 3% of the candidates.

Referring to the levels of languages most valued in different economic sectors highlights the high level of English required by companies engaged in the production and commerce that in 90% of their job offers as a condition requiring knowledge of an eliminatory High level of English. As for technical profiling, the German is next to English, the language better valued, and for 20% of companies a prerequisite.