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Cost killers: Reduction costs expert consultant


They are "heartless", but in the positive sense. They are called cost killers and recruit companies to reduce their costs to minimum. According to Francisco Muro, president of Walter Otto, the great thing about them is that they are not emotionally tied to the company in which they operate.

"They have a cool head, which allows them to determine what should be eliminated superfluous. In good times a lot is wasted: cars, drivers, business lunches ... And when you lean to the whole world is subtracted budget" .

These professionals are not cost anything, and they are paid for doing so: their salary can reach 110,000 euros gross per year, doubling that of an external auditor. Furthermore, the positions of human resource management are among the least affected by the crisis. Needed.

In the current economic situation, almost any Spanish company has a cost killer. However, most of them have not hired ad hoc, but have their own recycling managers. Jaime Delgado, senior consultant of the division of Michael Page Finance, explains: "Any CEO or is acting as a financial cost murderer. All my customers are cutting costs and trying to know what will happen in the future."

Wall Francisco believes that, in Spain, between 500 and 1,000 companies could count on this time with a cost as a killer and who knows how many more of its directors would meet this mission "without knowing it." 

From  'controller' to 'killer'

From controller to killer is just an step: the crisis. The first task is to reduce costs and bring the company what to do to become more profitable. The second is about the radical version of the controller: it is urgent and much, to cut costs. That is their reason for being.

Dismissing employees is not the only thing. Joan Carles Ampurdanes, controller at Metal Carbides, said some of the measures taken in these and other companies: "The first thing is to attack costs internally, and if caught before a plane for a meeting in Germany, is now used teleconferencing . It also eliminates meal to celebrate the results, as well as Christmas dinner."

The following is postponing projects that entail a significant cost. And then plans can be implemented aggressive cost reduction, such as changing the distribution model, where the company contracted out before, now it is managed by itself.

Jaime Delgado added: "A controller review committees even you load the bank, if they have committed mistakes and come out to see if more profitable to go to another entity." Some commissions take one percent of a transaction.

The best customers

The companies that hire these professionals are those that produce components for automobiles, pharmaceuticals, the major consumer (mass media)... "In general, any industrial company suffers a very strong price pressure and it needs the cuts to be competitive. Their costs are much higher than those in the services sector," said Delgado.

They do not like, but they are needed. "They are very unpopular," says Wall, "Nobody wants to tighten their belts and be told what to do." Moreover, as murderers who are potentially dangerous: The danger lies in its independence. 

With fear or not, are becoming indispensable for Spanish companies.