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Marketing managers are middle managers who earn more


Marketing managers have a gross salary of 123,724 euros in large firms, 108,517 in medium and 79,492 in small firms. For managers in large firms better paid, they follow the marketing directors of Human Resources (121 780 euros), the Administration and Finance (121,055 euros) and production managers (118,430 euros). Managing directors are the least paid, with 74,000 euros.

In the technical category, the differences are more visible, reaching 50% among those who earn the most and least. The Technical Sales charges 58,422 euros in large enterprises, 45,053 medium and 34,968 in the small. These professionals are followed by analysts, programmers (56 285 euros in large companies) and Technical Human Resources (55,933 euros). The Logistics Maintenance Technicians earn the least, with just over 29,000 euros.

Source: Marketing Directo