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Email marketing continues to maintain its power and efficiency for businesses


The study found that 12% and 11% of marketing budgets B2B companies are destined to e-mail marketing and SEO, respectively, putting them two ahead of other channels such as telemarketing, direct mail and even public relations.

As the report notes, e-mail marketing is a very efficient and cost effective solution, but that does not mean that companies do not make greater investments and expenses, which are mostly devoted to different aspects such as the development of mailing lists to
monitoring and analysis and content creation.

And this last point is really critical to the effectiveness of email marketing as almost half of 93% of Americans say they receive emails that are or will shut down just because the content is boring and repetitive.
Therefore, the quality of content is also key to the success and effectiveness of e-mail marketing.

In the era of media and social networks, many have questioned the power of email marketing and e-mail. However, a related report, published by the consulting firm that analyzed the source SeeWhy than 60,000 different web transactions revealed that 60% of sales came from an email, 20% to 15% direct traffic SEO and SEM, another
6% of banners and links and a great 4.3% of Social Media.

Moreover, as we have seen recently, as far as mobile marketing is concerned, users and consumers 'do not want to see' banner ads on their mobile phones.
However, information received through the mail has a higher reputation and acceptance among these users.

We must not forget that the e-mail marketing remains a powerful tool of communication, sales and customer loyalty allows you to reach large numbers of consumers and potential customers, and also retains its power and effectiveness for companies.