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Spain attracts international talent


Despite the difficult economic situation, our country has hosted more than 15% of qualified professionals has missed. In contrast, only 8.4% of Spanish executives have chosen to continue his career abroad, according to a study of Experteer.

Spain has hosted more than 15% of qualified professionals has missed.
This follows from the European study by the Employment Service Experteer (, in collaboration with the independent consultant OMIS Research analyzes the movement of executives and managers in Europe.

According to the study, 85% of executives who came to Spain during the period under review (March 2010 to March 2011) earn less than 80,000 per year.
Europeans who have chosen Spain as a country to continue his career, the most numerous are the professionals from the United Kingdom (11.9%), Germany (8.6%), Italy (7.7%) and France (7
, 6%).

Spain is attractive to them despite that his country would get better pay, considering that Spain is the country of study that has the lowest salary range.

Of the qualified aliens who have moved to Spain during the study period, 43% is extra. Of these movements include professionals Venezuela (5%), Mexico (4.3%) and Portugal (3.5%).
Study data were extracted from the changes in employment of over 2.8 million candidates on Experteer platform.

According to Ms. Perez, regional director of Experteer, "despite the high unemployment that has Spain at the moment, there are still interesting positions for executives and professionals Spanish international who decide to pursue a career in our country." He adds that "this exchange of talent and specialized profiles between countries will be increasingly common.
The companies will struggle to prevent the flight of talent to other companies or other countries. "

8.4% of Spanish executives continue his career abroad
European executives are more mobile than Spanish executives: 13% of Europeans who have changed jobs this year they have done abroad, versus 8.4% of Spanish.
Of these, 16.5% opted for Germany, 13.2% for France and 9.3% for the UK.

The professional sectors that have fostered this international movement of talents are consulting, accounting for 14%, followed by information technology with 9% and other growth sectors that have seen their positions and experts, such as
health sciences and medicine, raw material extraction and, finally, production of consumer goods.

Improve wages, a strong argument
Apart from the motivation to work in a sector with growth prospects, improve your salary is one of the main reasons why executives resident in Spain have opted to leave out.
Germany and Switzerland, which hosted this year by 6.8% of Spanish executives, are the most attractive countries in terms of remuneration.

In this sense, half of foreign executives working in Switzerland claims more than 80,000 euros and only one in five earn less than 60,000 euros. In contrast, in Spain this proportion is seven out of ten.