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90% of Spanish companies operating abroad wants to expand in 2012


90% of Spanish companies operating in international markets plans to continue expanding in 2012, according to a study by the supplier company Regus workspace.

The report says that firms that have chosen to cross the Spanish borders "have been better than those focused on the domestic market". Therefore, Regus believes these results "demonstrate the need for a radical change in the attitude of companies operating only in Spain."

However, companies operating abroad stress that the "main" obstacles they find time to go out are "the property and persons."

26% of respondents said that Regus get physical presence abroad is the "biggest" problem when they internationalize. 54% of these companies bet on property commitments "very short term, since it is impossible to estimate the rate of business growth."

Moreover, 73% of firms committed to hiring local managers to conduct business abroad, while 27% is for managers to be the country of origin.

According to the director of Regus in Southern Europe, Olivier de Lavalette, "the study shows that in the current economic climate, Spanish companies have expanded abroad experiencing a better situation than those who" only operate in local markets "therefore stressed that this should serve as a "clarion call" for all those that are limited to national level.