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Predictions for event marketing for 2012


Event marketing has completely changed this year. The tablets, the penetration of smartphones, social networks or QR codes have changed and redefined the samples and event marketing in 2011. But what we see in 2012? How do you take advantage of the latest trends to make these actions are much more attractive and exciting? Marketing Profs wanted to approach the future we will see shortly in the event marketing through these four predictions for 2012:

1. Increase the use of radio frequency identification and social platforms
Smartphones have managed to share photos or check-ins is a matter of a second, and both event organizers and their assistants have used them to share their experiences through all kinds of social networks. But in 2012 this could be simplified even more by the radio frequency identification (RFID).
A technology that has already been used in pilot programs in  the United States, who shared pictures automatically and guest activity on Facebook.

The cost of RFID will continue to fall, while their availability increase, making the possibilities for event marketing to grow dramatically.
For example, companies could use an RFID strategy to create a station to share photos of those attending the event, or reward them for visiting a number of stands.

Video marketing opportunities take off
The video continues to gain ground. Only in August 2011, nearly 200 million U.S. users watched some online video content according to data from ComScore.
But in the events and exhibits, online video is just the beginning and towards 2012, is expected to begin to exploit the new opportunities offered by this channel.

Beyond the idea of ​​using an event to create video content, such as vlogs, testimony from the audience, product demonstrations or interviews can be raised using the live streaming to extend the scope of an event, or get expert
that are in other places to participate in discussions via video.

Event marketing is more likely to be mobile
There are over 5,000 million mobile users worldwide, or whatever it is, three quarters of the world's population. But in 2012 the possibilities for event programs are extended to the mobile will be even greater.
Notifications for SMS / MMS are being displaced by applications, they are taking an incredible force to deliver messages, allow subscriptions or check-ins.

Mobile applications can create a better experience for those attending the event, with real time information, networking, surveys or measurements that provide a clear reward.
This really, to get the full potential must be guaranteed access and a bandwidth capable of providing the best access to all attendees.

The cause-related marketing activity will grow
The company initiatives around social or charitable causes have increased in recent years. There are even companies with their own foundations devoted to causes related to such products.
Now the marketing begins to incorporate more actions related to any cause within their own events, since they increase public relations and noise around an action.

Instead of investing in gifts that have counted the minutes after the event, it may be interesting to develop initiatives that make cause the audience to feel part of something meaningful. Furthermore, such activity does not have to cost a lot and can be very simple to perform.