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Spanish SMEs opt for Iberoamércia


Spanish exports and increase the number of companies that encourage internationalization. According to recent data from the Ministry of Foreign Trade, exports in February recorded a rise of 4.9% over the same month in 2011. Thus in the first two months of the year sales of Spanish companies added to the outside more than 34,500 million euros, down 4.4% on same period last year.

This movement also began to join the small and medium enterprises. On Wednesday and Thursday of last week was organized, for example, the IMEX exhibition where the theme was the internationalization of Spanish companies. There were representatives from 52 countries, both the European Union (which still remains the target of 64.8% of Spanish exports), but also from Latin American countries like Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, among others. There Spanish entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, could know the advantages, difficulties, making the leap to the outside.
Advice needed for a trend that has increased in recent years.

And not only within the European Union. "The investment of Spanish companies is very strong for two decades. But now is the time for SMEs', Guillermo told ABC Ambrogi, president of the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce 24 in Latin America. Cn just growing a continent across the ocean (and that despite the slowdown expected in 2012), are becoming increasingly small and medium-sized Spanish companies in Latin America are a way to save their business in the domestic market crisis . Sales also grew to smaller countries. Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are most attractive destinations for Spanish investments. To Paraguay exports grew by 157% in five years and to Uruguay, where Spain and presented official tenders, the increase was 90%. The top earners are small and medium enterprises.
"There is a strong interest and businesses who come, stay," said Ambrogi.

It's a trend that began tentatively in 2008 and has established itself in 2011. SMEs in the sector of capital goods as Iturri Group, Ros Roca and Cemengal already on the continent. "Countries where else has noticed the growth of exports are in Latin America," he told ABC Antonio Garcíapons of Sercobe.
Capital goods leading Spanish exports, followed by food and then the automotive sector.

The plan for 2012 business chamber of Castile and Leon (Cecale, composed mostly of small and medium businesses) Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama and Costa Rica are the key destinations. So, last week, for example, Uruguayan Vice President Danilo Astori gave a presentation on the possibilities of investing in his country to the Madrid Real Estate Exhibition. And what more was there were proposals for Spanish SMEs. A movement that comes from different regions of Spain. SMEs of Castile and Leon already have contacted the embassy of the Latin American country.
They have also organized meetings with the Embassy of Colombia.

So the business chambers prepared with the CEOE a map of the investment of Spanish SMEs in Latin America. All thinking about a trend that could grow. "Overall, the Spanish SME usually has a dimension greater than their Latin American counterparts either by financial capital, human resources or cutting-edge technology," said Ambrogi. "It can also deal with success and profit areas of market goods and services in Latin America, for magnitude of scale, are not unique to large companies."