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The print media, the communication channel most valued by Dircom


The print media are the most important channel to disseminate messages of a company, in the opinion of the vast majority of Spanish dircoms (86.6%) and Europeans (83.5%).

We follow the online communication (61.8% and 74.8%) and face to face communication (58.8 and 64.1%). Then the dircoms value relationships with online media, television and radio, events, publications or corporate media and social networks.
The channels are less valued nonverbal communication, information and sponsorship paid.

Despite the growing importance of online communication, especially in Europe, the print media remain the main channel of communication, still well above the rest.
This is significant in a time when the future of newspapers and magazines is in jeopardy, the authors note the study.

CSR and Sustainability

In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, corporate communications (85.3%), the comunicacicón marketing / brand and consumer (71.6%) and crisis communication (60.3%) are the three major disciplines in the performance of public relations.
Followed, in order of importance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (54.4%), the investor relations / financial communications and internal communication.

In terms of responsibilities, the most striking difference between Spain and the rest of Europe has less to do with the allocation of powers by the Spanish, as only 27.5% of respondents are concerned with all areas of
communication? stakeholders?, for 41.7% of Europeans.

When analyzing the position of the Department of Communication within the organization, the study shows that Spanish respondents considered more relevant role than their European counterparts.
87% believed that the department anticipates the conflict situations and 82% playing an important role in the overall performance of the organization.

Regarding previous studies, the latter monitor greatly increases the importance of knowing tackle the digital evolution, which has risen 30 points in five years.

This development is connected with the recent addition to the new organizational communication tools and online channels, especially with the emergence of collaborative platforms 2.0, the study said.

Source: PR Noticias