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When the consumer has all the power


However, this discipline is no longer one that was based on internal analysis of market behavior and has adapted to new technologies now submit to the will of consumers and stop being the main victim in times of lean beef .

"Marketing starts taking technology platforms that were formerly in the back office of the company-area responsible for processing information and tasks to manage the company. When you think of tools, referred to SRM (Supplier Relationship Management or relationship with suppliers), to content management, sending e-mail surveys. Today companies develop platforms that are user-oriented, I do not mean the home banking, internal-business concept, but the development of
products and services that add value to brand building, "said Fernandez Federico Prato, director and founder of interactive marketing agency Insite.

In its day (27 May), Marketing runs a paradigm shift, and acquiring new characteristics that are transferred to firms.

"Try to get the digital channel to understand how the internet has caused a shift in the relationship between brands (companies) and consumers. That pact, which used formal way, has become a bidirectional relationship in the
that the consumer has the power of decision "reaffirmed Maximum Rainuzzo, president of Interbrand Southern Cone.

Using a smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile support, has conditioned the market. Under this behavior, both specialists emphasize that "man has taken technology and forces companies to rethink their strategies."
"The new technological devices have become products and services for brands. Are known as performance, technology products that add value to marketing and ignore the traditional methodology," said Fernandez Prato.

"Every segment is different, multitarget, using different loads and should be treated that way. Companies are required to add value to your communication, product and service. You have to know to understand how new technologies reiventan brands," he said.


The MKT has left its classical language and general. Now is direct, local, social and mobile.

"We talked a Marketing can be local and direct: to announce a budget within small geographic areas. Internet allows proper use of localized resources. We can turn to people who are just a few blocks from my business," explains Salvador Filiba,
Dial president of Database Marketing (DDM).

Another feature is that the purchasing decision is determined by the query to other users. "Before buying a new phone, ask someone who already has it. This form allows us to exchange information between users, regardless of the opinion of the company. Thus, power is on consumers," the CEO of DDM

Third characteristic mobility "in the world there are billions of televisions and computer two billion or so; manager to these, there are over six billion mobile phones, which increasingly improve their technology," exemplified Filiba.

Not only companies

The non-profit organizations have also joined the marketing and new technologies as a strategy to achieve its goals, which are much more important than business.

Sales Foundation, an organization that promotes cancer research in the country, began to develop an open communication policy through the new virtual platforms since 2000, although years before had been inserted in the techniques of consumption.

"We took the direct marketing as a highly effective tool for capturing individual donations. And there was a change. Before charities were made by individuals of high income. But then we do it with this alternative mass interaction" described Arturo Prins
, executive director of the organization.

"The MKT has many benefits one can target a particular audience, to people known by the name, last name or phone number, through direct actions like direct messages. We are not the only ones to apply these methodologies, there are other organizations joined civilians. The objective is to generate interest and build support for social initiatives, "says Prins, who also specifies that the user also has preferences:" support to a campaign or another, in their experience of life, health or situation "he said.