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Marketing experience, with new hue


When summer arrives in the U.S. and with it, too, the holidays. While millions of families prepare for mini tourist also makes planning out routes. Already installed follow the trend in marketing of experience and forcing them to go out and be present at amusement parks, concerts, camping sites and festivals. Stressing the idea of ​​"experience" brands hoping to create a closer relationship with consumers.

Is different from traditional marketing class that uses TV advertising in magazines or coupons to offer benefits.
The idea, now dusted with new shade but has existed for years, is that people encounter brands in unexpected places but welcome.

Among the brands that take their "show" are outdoor Bon Appétit magazine and Hot Rod, CBS, Hendricks gin brand, the cable channel History, the series "New Girl" and Sauza Tequila, among

In this era where technology-mediated encounters are the norm is worth remembering that people still appreciate face-to-face. CBS, for example, a group conditioned long distance to walk for 60 U.S. cities and promote its programming, giving away merchandise and offer its audiences the chance to meet their favorite stars.
But CBS also will be worth of social networks: using the hashtag # CBSbuzz people can share their views and access to exclusive content for the web.

Although people appreciate a hat or shirt promotional food they like. History Channel host an itinerant truck snacks, this time, plans to give away roast in large events like the annual festival of comics, Comic-Con.
History The idea is to be present in places that are "making history" and, thus, increase the knowledge about the channel's shows.

The fast food brand Jack in the Box, unknown to these latitudes but one of the most popular in the U.S., also giving away burgers.
This time in places where the local mark has just opened.

The experimental marketing can be fun but presents logistical challenges. It is not the same as running a restaurant because in this case must take into account other variables such as food hygiene in the path and specific training of staff. You can not underestimate, either, the price of fuel.