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“The Talent

RRHH Policies

In BoD Estrategia we treat RRHH's policies from the strategic point of view and we are specialised Integral in RRHH's Consultancy, Organisational Development and Change Management.

We understand the personal management as key source of competitive advantages in our customers business

  • Human Resources Strategy Analysis and Implementation
  • Processes Analysis and Organisational Structure
  • Corporate Responsibility Matrix
  • Design of the Reception program of new personnel
  • Personnel Rotation Analysis
  • Description, Analysis and valuation of job positions
  • Competences Management Systems
  • Talent Identification, career and remuneration planning
  • Management by Objectives Systems
  • 360º Evaluation Systems
  • RRHH balanced scorecard
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Change Management Systems (Cultural, Values)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policies
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